Social Media

In the world of marketing there are two ways to drive a greater return on investment from your marketing dollars; reduce the cost of touching your clients or increasing the rate of response from your touches. Utilizing social media to communicate relevant offers is a great way to accomplish both. Touching your social media community with an offer carries no cost, once you have built an interested community of fans. There are many ways to begin creating your community and building your fan base. At AIM Integrated Solutions, we provide a number of services that can help you leverage your current fan base and/or build a significant one with which to correspond.

Establishing Presence

The first step is to create a presence in the top four social media applications, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Establishing a strong initial presence in any or all of these social media vehicles is one of the services we offer. Once you establish your presence you will want to have continued activity in each of these applications. We work with you to develop and manage a social media strategy that will update the applications on a weekly and/or monthly basis. Once you have an active social media presence in place, you will want to begin promoting that presence to your clients. Adding the social media logos to your website and email signature are great ways to start. In addition to your online presence, you can begin marketing through point of sale materials, email and direct mail that you have a presence.

Did you know?

  • 184 Million North American Facebook Users
  • Largest Age Group 35 – 54
  • Fastest Growing Age Group 35 – 54
  • The average Facebook User Spends 55 Minutes Per Day On Facebook.
  • There are 55 million daily posts on Twitter
  • There are 300,000 new Twitter users per day
  • The number two business to business search engine in the world is YouTube

We have experience building and maintaining social media environments. Let us help you drive sales with social media.