Automated Marketing

10 Online Marketing Metrics You Need To Be Measuring

Measurement is what makes marketing a science, rather than a superstition. For many business owners, marketing is a superfluous expense—something to spend money on only when the budget is flexible enough to accommodate it. This is because the return on investment on marketing is, in many cases, unpredictable. Your ad could be a resounding hit,…

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Is Your Marketing Ready for the Customer of the Future?

A short history of marketing will show you one undeniable fact: You have to be ready for what’s coming. Are you? The past 15 years have been a whirlwind for marketers. Many of the channels central to reaching consumers today–email, social, websites–either didn’t exist or played a small role back then. The most successful marketers…

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The 5 Brilliant Strategies You Can Learn From Top Content Marketers

Ready to get started with content marketing?  Although the process might sound daunting, there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel.  Instead, take a page out of the playbooks of the following five industry-leading content marketers.  Adding these marketing strategies to your own content campaigns can take your 2014 marketing initiatives from zero to 60 as easily possible…

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