One-To-One Marketing

At AIM Integrated Solutions, we have all the tools and expertise needed to assist you in effectively executing your ideas and campaigns. All of our Account Managers are well trained and will assist you in any or all of these tactics. When properly combined into an effective campaign where all elements are integrated, Cross-Channel campaigns can produce powerful results…up to 300% to 500% increases in the response rates you normally get from your direct marketing efforts. Here are some of the elements that can be added to your direct marketing efforts to produce powerful results.


Personalized URLs allow marketers to see who is responding to their messages and how far they are getting in the process before stopping. In addition to the enhanced data available PURLs have been proven to double the average response rates of direct mail campaigns (according to direct marketing association research). More importantly, they are a tool to allow us to see inside the buying process of the prospect…discovering where they are in the buying process allows you to “nurture” the prospective client toward taking action, whether that is making a purchase or a donation.

  • Typically improves response rates
  • Focus on analytics
  • Organization of data for subsequent communication (nurture campaigns)