Identity/Brand Enhancement

A brand can visually and verbally educate and attract potential clients. AIM Integrated Solutions combines a strategic process with creative resources to do everything from developing your corporate name to designing a series of logo and identity options that capture the energy and brand essence of the chosen name.

The logo and visual identity system sets the graphical foundation for a brand. This is the visual center for any marketing and advertising collateral. A Visual Identity includes a: logo and identity system (branding guidelines). Each item contributes significantly to overall brand growth and future strategy development.

The logo is a visual representation of a company’s brand values. It should be simple, memorable, distinct and applicable across various message mediums. Ideally, the logo should contain specific numbers of colors and criteria to optimize its effectiveness. We design and develop logos within the 10 Criteria for Logo Design. This ensures that the logo is capable of growing with the company without encountering significant cost increases or design problems.

The Identity System extends beyond the logo and may include: packaging, online marketing, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, premium items and other branded materials. The System serves as a reference point for all future design work including web based collateral.