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Communications clutter is growing exponentially every year. Lots of new channels are added to old ones and the result is that people are bombarded. The question becomes: How do you “cut through the clutter” with your message?

To make things even more complicated, your audience is multi-generational, has a diverse ethnicity and is constantly evolving.

At AIM Integrated Solutions, we make the most efficient use of your marketing budget by focusing your message and delivering it to communication channels wisely and in conjunction with each other… we call this approach “Integrated Messaging.” Using technology we automate processes to ensure results no matter what your budget is!

At AIM, we make sure that the right person gets the right message at the right time and in the right way so recipients connect, engage and participate… creating an interactive environment that cuts through the clutter and delivers results.









Isolating Your Target


Strategically Focused Creative


Real Time Analytics

AIM Integrated Solutions is far more than just a advertising company.
Their expertise in print and local marketing made them our best choice
for two of our major campaigns this year. They were always professional,
timely, thorough, and willing to work within our required parameters to
get us a product that fit our exact needs. By far, they have been the best
service and product experience I’ve ever worked with in regards to my
print and marketing needs in the private club industry.

Rick Poling
General Manager/COO, The Club at Longview

What Our Clients Say

The people at AIM have been very creative in helping us build brand
recognition. They have offered us so many out of the box ideas and have
always come through with quality.

Heath McCaskil
President, M&M Motor Company, Inc.

Cozy Comfort, LLC has chosen to partner with the team at AIM Integrated
Solutions to serve as our marketing department; thereby, enabling COZY
MATTRESS to execute 'Big Marketing Campaigns' without having to hire new
employees / experts with associated equipment expenditures. AIM becomes
very intimate with product understanding and embraces our Cozy Bed
products as their own; then, offers an innovative design for both print and/or
digital media for our targeted very focused campaigns.

Neil Owens
President, Cozy Comfort, LLC

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